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It’s no secret that a car thief prefers to choose an easy target. Cars that do not have any form of vehicle security are much easier targets than cars that have either an alarm or immobilizer installed. Whilst a car alarm won’t necessarily prevent a thief from smashing a car window to lift valuable property from the inside of the vehicle, many thieves will do a runner if they are startled by the sudden noise created by an alarm siren going off. Even if the thief does choose to proceed with car theft the crime could be short lived when the noise arouses sufficient attention. 

Technology advancements in car alarms now result in several additional security features. With built in vehicle tracking, some alarms now posses GPS capability which permits an almost instantaneous pinpointing of a stolen vehicle. This not only aids quick recovery but can result in the capture of the offender. More advanced alarms now have mobile capability which allows the end user to exercise certain controls over the vehicles capability. This can include immobilizing a moving vehicle whilst it is in a stationary position. A car alarm is a precautionary measure that is often difficult to put a value on. You never know when you could be a victim of crime and whether the act will take place at a crucial point in your career. By having an alarm installed you put your best efforts forward to protect your property.

We will be able to provide you with reliable installation and the best quality products to fit your individual needs.

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​Basic Car Alarm Installation............... Starting at $129 

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Radio, dashkit, wiring harness and basic install ........starting at $159

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Did you know that the average American adult spends over 600 hours per year behind the wheel? 

Doesn’t it seem silly to spend all that time listening to a poor quality factory radio with limited features? 

Don’t worry... Tint & Audio Express Customs has you covered! 

Whether you just want a simple speaker upgrade, a concert sound system, a complete “Car Theater”, or a big bass monster, we have the knowledge and expertise to lead you down the right path.  Maybe you looking for the latest in-car technologies such as IPod/Android integration, HD Radio, GPS navigation, or Bluetooth hands-free for your cell, but you don’t know where to start?  Our knowledgeable, world ranked builders and friendly staff will be happy to give you all the pointers you need.

  We do installation!  From mild to wild, if you can dream it we can do it.  Just want your radio replaced? or  Looking for a show-stopping custom install like you’ve seen on TV?  We got you! there is no job too big or too small for our company.  With over 50 years combined installation experience under one roof, nobody is better equipped to do the job.

Want Plexiglas, fiberglass, composites, motorization, or other advanced techniques?  No problem.  Whatever your budget and goals, we will work with you to design the perfect system to fit your needs.

​Basic Radar  Installation............... Starting at $129