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If you need to schedule a warranty or have any concerns about your tint job please submit the form below with subject "warranty". 

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We will respond within one business day requesting pictures of the issue so we can get the warranty scheduled. 

Q: What is your refund policy?

We have a no cash refund policy. All films have warranty with manufacturer and with our company in case the window tint job doesn't meet IWFA standards or there are film defects. In that case we will redo the job until the IWFA standards are met.  Please note that damaged cause by customer, customer not satisfied with the shade of darkness they chose or not happy with a particular cut does not qualify for warranty work unless it  doesn't meet IWFA standards. No refund will be provided in any form to customers. 

Visual Quality Standard For Applied Window Film As Adopted By The IWFA May 15, 1999
1. Installed film on flat glass surfaces is not expected to have the same level of visual quality as glass. The following criteria apply to the installed film only and not to any defect inherent in the glass.
2. Installed film has a discrete time for full adhesion to be effected since installation utilizes a detergent solution in the water to float the film onto the glass: the excess water is squeegeed out, but inevitably residual water will remain between the film and glass. The time to achieve full adhesion is often referred to as "the adhesive cure time". Adhesion will be increasing from a lower value during this time. Visual and adhesive cure time is related to thickness of the film and various metallic coating on the film. Typical visual cure times may be extended or shortened according to climatic conditions. 
3. Inspection for optical quality can be made before full visual cure is attained. Table 1 provides a guide for typical visual cure times. It should be noted that effects during cure, such as water bubbles, water distortion, and water haze are not to be regarded as defects.
4. The glass with applied film shall be viewed at right angles to the glass from the room side, at a distance of not less than 6 feet (2 meters). Viewing shall be carried out in natural daylight, not in direct sunlight, and shall assess the normal vision area with the exception of a 2 inch (50mm) wide band around the perimeter of the unit.
5. The installation shall be deemed acceptable if all of the following are unobtrusive (effects during visual cure should be disregarded): Dirt Particles, Hair and Fibers, Adhesive Gels, Fingerprints, Air Bubbles, Water Haze, Scores and Scratches, Film Distortion, Creases, Edge Lift, Nicks and Tears. Inspection may by made within 1 day of installation. Obtrusiveness of blemishes shall be judged by looking through the film installation under lighting conditions described in 4.
6. The 2 inch (50mm) wide band around the perimeter shall be assessed by a similar procedure to that in 3 and 4, but a small number of particles is considered acceptable where poor frame condition mitigates against the high quality standards normally achieved.
7. Edge gaps will normally be 1/32 - 1/16 inch (1-4mm). This allows for the water used in the installation to be squeegeed out. This ensures that film edges are not raised up by contact with the frame margin. Contact with the frame margin could lead to peeling of the film.
8. For thicker safety films the edge gaps will normally be 1/32 - 1/16 inch (1-4mm), with 1/32 - 1/8 inch (1-5mm) being acceptable for films of (7 mil (175)). Combination solar control safety films will also fall within this standard. An edge gap of up to 1/16 inch (2mm) is recommended, especially for darker (tinted, metallized, tinted/metallized, and sputtered) films, to minimize the light line around the edge of the installed film.
9. Splicing of films is necessary when larger panels of glass are treated, where both length and width of the glass exceed the maximum width of film. The splice line itself should not be viewed as a defect. This line should be straight and should be parallel to one edge of the frame margin. The two pieces of film may be butt jointed. The maximum gap at any point in the splice line should be 1/64 inch (1mm). Film may be overlapped, spliced or butt jointed.
10. Certain films with special high performance coating may have lengthened cure times. Consult the manufacturer for cure times of these films.

Table 1 - Typical Cure Times
Film thickness in mils Film thickness in 
microns(µ) Typical Cure
Time (days)
Up to 4 Up to 100 30
4 to 8 100 to 200 60
8 to 12 200 to 300 100
Over 12 but not more than 17 Over 300 but not more than 425 140

*Special adaptation of information received from the Glass and Glazing Federation; reproduced with their permission.
Copyright© 1999 International Window Film Association
All Rights Reserved

Q: What is the proper way to clean my windows?

A: To extend the life and looks of your Film and to maintain your warranty coverage, certain care and maintenance should be followed. Do not roll down recently tinted windows for a period of 5 days until the film has properly adhered to the glass. Do not wash the film for 30 days aft er installation. Do not use abrasive cleaners or coarse cloths. Use mild soap and a clean rag, or cloth or synthetic sponge.

Q: I lost my gift card how can i get another one?

A: If you are the buyer of the gift card email us at subject line "gift Card". Explain to us that you need a new gift card and provide your name, date of purchase and receipt number. we will send you another one. Please remember that giftcards are non refundable. Gift cards can only be returned as store credit. No cash back or cash refunds are provided.

Q: When are bubbles not normal in window tinting?

A: If you notice debris or other contaminants in the bubbles (hair, fingerprint, dirt or soap) we will have to come out and re-tint your window. Please note that in some cases this can be due to film failure (air bubbles). All visits after installation are considered warranties. Refer to your warranty notice provided by the technician at time of installation for proper procedures on scheduling an appointment. It is also important to remember that a 3% area of specs is normal in windwo titning and its not covered by warranty.

Q: I no longer have my warranty sheet, what can i do?

A: If you no longer have your warranty sheet, please contact us at 1 888 600 1644 and choose the ext for warranty. If you provide us with your email address we will gladly email you a copy. You can also email us at requesting a copy of the warranty sheet. Keep in mind you must have your receipt.

Q: What tint % is legal in FL?

A: Florida statue:

Front side windows no darker than  - 28%  

Back side windows no darker than-  15% 

Rear window no darker than- 15%. 

Florida statue does not allow for any shade of darkness on entire front windshield. If you want a shaded film on your windshield it must be applied in the visor area where it extends for roughly 6 inches and it will not bother visibility.. 

Our Recommendation: Please note that there is a 2 to 3% margin of error on police measuring devices. Which is why we recommend the following to guarantee that you will always be in accordance to the law. 

Front side windows no darker than  - 30%  

Back side windows no darker than-  20% 

Rear window no darker than- 20%. 

Q: Is it normal to see bubbles after a window tint job?

A: Yes, since the window tinting process involves water it is normal for water bubbles to be seen after a tint job. Please do not touch the bubbles of pop them. Leave the vehicle out in direct sunlight and the water bubbles should go away. Bubbles can take anywhere from 7 to 15 days to go away, this is the estimated "cure" process time. If bubbles are not gone within 15 days please refer to our warranty guidelines and contact us for a warranty appointment. Not all windows are the same. Some windows are more difficult to tint than others. Also, tint types are different and the thicker the film the longer it takes to "cure".

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For Warranties:

Upon notification, we will investigate the problem. If the product is found to be defective, and is covered under the provisions of this warranty, Tint and Audio Express will provide the labor and/or materials needed to repair the product at no charge. If the defect cannot be repaired, Tint and Audio express will provide a replacement. Tint and Audio Express has 30 days after initial claim of warranty to schedule warranty service.  If initial appointment is cancelled for any reason, the company has 30 day after each canceled appointment to provide service.  The company reserves up to 120 business day to resolve the warranty issue in high season (between April and Sept) or 60 business days (between Oct – March). If company does not complete the warranty in the time provided customer may reach out to manufacturer for warranty.

This Warranty Does Not Cover • Normal wear and tear, natural weathering or fading of surfaces and/ Or hardware finishes, including corrosion in highly corrosive environments. • Glass breakage; failure due to misuse or abuse; and damage caused by failure to provide maintenance, by alteration or modification to the window (e.g. customer applied tints or films, paint finishes) or as a result of any cause beyond the control of Tint and Audio Express (e.g. fire, flood, earthquake).