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How To Choose your Window Tinting Shade:

We carry five lines of film, we have a film for every need and budget. Below you will find a brief description of our films. For a free quote feel free to contact us at 1 888 600 1644. 

Nickel-  "On a Budget but still quality"

* 20-25% heat rejection
* 99.9 UV Protection
* Choice of shade down to 20%

If you are starting up, a student or on a budget we recommend this film. You get to choose how dark you want it for privacy up to 20% shade of darkness. This film will provide you 99.9% of upmost protection from cancerous UV rays and a heat protection of 20 to 25%. 

Carbon- "Factory Match & Quality film"

* 40-45% heat rejection
* 99.9 UV Protection
* Choice of shade down to 15%

​This is one of our most sold midgrade films. Perfect for gifts (we offer gift certificates) and for customers who want a decent heat rejection but are still on a budget. 

Titanium - "Reflective & Privacy"

* 60-65% heat rejection
* 99.9 UV Protection
* Choice of shade down to 5%

Perfect for customers who are focused on Privacy, with this film you can choose your shade down to 5% other wise know as limo tint. This film is polarize which will allow you to see through the glass at night even if you have 5% shade of darkness. It is also a great film for those looking for a quality midgrade window tinting film.

Hybrid - "Glare reduction & Protection"

* 70 - 75% heat rejection
* 99.9 UV Protection
* Choice of shade down to 15%

Top of the line protection at a budget, this is a great film for families. Assure your children will be comfortable from heat while protecting them from harmful cancerous rays. 

Ceramic -  "Go Green With  Top of the line Protection"

* 85-90% heat rejection
* 99.9 UV Protection
* Choice of shade down to 20%

This is for the individual looking of the most heat protection currently available in window tinting technology.  With Ceramic you get Top of the line heat protection, top interior protection, saving on gas and the most comfortable vehicle window tinting can provide. This film is perfect for people who work out of their cars or who spend numerous of hours in it. Also ideal for customers with antique vehicles, vehicles with numerous electronics, customers who live or work at the beach or customers with skin conditions. 

Two Steps: 


Think about what benefits you want most from your film and then prioritize those benefits.

The benefits of window film include:

* Glare reduction,

* Heat protection 

*Fade protection 

* U.V. protection

* Safety

* Aesthetics

* Privacy

* Grafitti protection

* "Go Green" / Savings on electricity and cooling cost

Films generally start with a polyester layer to which other substrates are added to affect specific characteristics of the finished product.



Call us at  1 888 600 1644,  ​ We will help you choose the right product based on your goals and budget.   Our priority is to provide you with the correct information, great product and outstanding service. Our goal is to provide you with an extraordinary tinting experience.                                                                                                                    

Window Tinting Films Types:


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How To Choose your Window Tinting Film :

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Benefits of Window Tint:

​​In most window tinting films your shade only makes a 1% difference in your heat rejection. Window tinting technology allows you to either tint your vehicle at 5% (total limo) or 70% (almost clear) and still enjoy incredible heat rejection numbers of 80 to 90% .

Keep in mind that no matter which shade you pick you will always obtain a 99.9% UV protection. Your choice of shade comes down to your desire for privacy. Please note that each state has different regulation on legal darkness. In our homepage you can find Florida legal statues. We recommend that you don't choose a darkness lower than 30% in the Front and 20% in the back windows. 

Check out our examples below - Use the arrows to see the most common shades of darkness.

Mobile Window tinting Service Areas:

Solar control window film applied to vehicle windows provide benefits in the following areas: 

* Blocks UV Radiation 

* Reduces fading and interior cracking

* Increases Skin Protection 

* Reduces Heat 

* Increases air-conditioning efficiency 

* Improves occupant comfort 

* Reduces Glare 

* Lessens eye fatigue

* Improves vision and safety

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